Agricultural Plant Protection and Precision Agriculture

In foreign countries, UAV has been widely applied in scientific and technological agriculture. As a great power of agriculture, there are 1.8 billion mu of basic farmlands in China while UAV is still an emerging industry. The country has gradually valued the role of UAV in agricultural application and given great support for effective promotion. It can be predicted that more and more UAV will fly above fertile farmlands in future two years.

Fragrant-flowered garlic (120m)

Vegetation coverage index

Vineyard (120m)

Vegetation coverage index

Corn (120m)

Green-based vegetation coverage index


In the country, a lot of agricultural plant protection works are required every year. There are about 100,000 people suffering from pesticide poisoning every year in China, with lethality of around 20%. There is no official statistic of the number of people died from pesticide residue and pollution, but it is sure to be an astonishing number. UAV plant protection has the characteristics of efficient, stable, intelligent and safe. The spraying efficiency can reach above 30 times of traditional manual spraying, and operators can implement plant protection work beyond safety zone.


Precision agriculture is a whole set of agricultural operation management system implementing based on geographic information system (GIS), global position system (GPS), remote sensing (RS) and computer control technology. With strong comprehensiveness, high complexity and high technological content, it is one of trends of global agricultural development at present as well as the important way to realize agricultural low consumption, high efficiency, good quality and safety. Reasonable use of precision agriculture technique can effectively improve crop productivity and reduce agricultural production cost.

UAV can carry laser radar, multispectral, infrared and other professional equipments

       ● Nitrogen content detection                               ● Leaf area increment measurement                           ● Crop growth prediction      

       ● Pest control                                                                  ● Moisture content measurement