As an important means of getting space data, UAV aviation remote sensing technique has advantages of long duration of flight, real-time image transmission, detecting high risk area, low cost and flexible and it is the powerful supplement to satellite remote sensing and manned aerial vehicle aviation remote sensing. In daily flood control examination, UAV can check the terrain, landform of flood retarding basin as well as dangerous sections, such as reservoir and dike, in three-dimension way. When there is a flood risk, it can overcome adverse factors, such as transportation, to rapidly arrive at dangerous airspace, transmit image and other information in real time with the equipment on board, and monitor the development of the risk so as to provide flood control decision with accurate information. Small UAV is convenient to carry and can be released in certain area. People can control it in safe place, and collect and monitor relevant information in real time, guaranteeing flood prevention decision.

UAV flood control and draught relief system mainly opens to governmental departments at all levels, realizing tracking, searching, scouting and supporting in devastated areas of emergencies: report of emergencies, collection of relevant data, judgment of emergency degree, monitoring in real time, linkage command, support for emergency site, and leading auxiliary policy-making.

UAV flood control and draught relief system makes relevant governmental departments know more comprehensively about the situation of emergencies and make more rapid reaction, and makes the coordination between relevant personnel more sufficient and decision-making more well-grounded. Meanwhile, it greatly reduces the work difficulty of staff. UAV flood control and draught relief system is applicable for the central government and governments at all levels, as well as relevant ministries and commissions, subordinate departments and bureaus, and other emergency forces involving emergencies.


Advanced technology, convenient use, and low price and operating expense are advantageous conditions of the application of UAV technique in flood control department. Facing the special demands of emergency command, UAV flood control and draught relief system provides comprehensive functions which are closer to users:

●  Being convenient and fast, it can be operated without professional training, and can taxi automatically, fly to anywhere you want, hover locally, switch video, fly higher in real time, and call flight.

●  Long visual range flight can arrive at the place which personnel cannot during disaster; high-definition image transmission can clearly show the situation in affected area.

●  Cooperating with satellite communication system, it can transmit high-definition image to command center. Portable small UAV can be used to monitor small area to finish return of monitoring content.

●  It is rapid in recovery. It can take off again or be transferred to other areas for field monitoring again by re-installing the parachute and replacing the battery.