Repair Guide

Repair Guide

Guide Before You Start Your Drone Repair Case


Q1: Which product do you need a technical support for?

  • Phantom 3 Series
  • Phantom 4 Series
  • Mavic Pro Series
  • Spark Series
  • Inspire Series
  • Industrial Drones

If your device is not listed above, please call 818-235-0789 directly.


Q2: Is your drone covered by a valid DJI CARE or DJI CARE REFRESH? Please call 818-235-0789 to check if you are unsure.

  •    Yes. You MUST request a repair case on directly. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to provide any repair service to customers who are enrolled in any of these programs.
  •     No. Please go to Q3.


Q3: You admit that your drone is NOT covered by DJI CARE nor DJI CARE REFRESH. If you continue, you release MagicSky USA Inc. from any responsibility of DJI CARE claim, DJI CARE REFRESH claim or warranty. Have you read and agreedthis statement?

  • Yes. Please go to Q4.
  • No. Please call 818-235-0789 for help.


Q4: We, Magic Sky USA Inc., are currently offering customer-paid services only. Any prior warranty on part(s) to be replacedwill be voided automatically when we accept your repair request. This doesn't affect the warranty on parts that are in goodcondition. Have you read and agreed this statement?

  • Yes. Please go to Q5.
  • No. Please call 818-235-0789 for help.


Q5: Does your drone have any physical damage?

  • Yes. Please go to Q6.
  • No. Please go to Q7.


Q6: Please send the following information to Our technicians will reach to you within one businessday (excluding holidays).

  • Contact Information (Name, Phone Number, Residential State )
  • Drone Model
  • Problem Descriptions


Q7: Here is a check list of materials that you need to submit to us, either in person or by mail. We are located at 735Montgomery Street, Suite 112, San Francisco CA 94111. Have you prepared all the following items?

  • A completed and signed repair agreement. The agreement can be found from
  • All kinds of memory cards should be removed and kept by yourself. Please note on the repair agreement if you have any difficulty removing the memory card; otherwise, the memory card we receive is subject to be formatted.
  • The drone.
  • The remote controller.
  • One battery.