Magic Sky USA, Inc. was incorporated in San Francisco’s financial district and opened doors to retail(DJI SF Authorized Store)in February 2017. In the following October, we opened DJI Experience shop at Westfield San Francisco Center.

At our Montgomery Street location, conveniently located adjacent to China Town and North Point, you will find the official DJI Recommended Repair Service center for your DJI product repair needs. Also at this location, you can find larger and industrial aircraft series like DJI Matrice series, knowledgeable staffs providing sales and assistance with industrial solutions, professional gimbals like the Ronin series and consumer DJI drones including the Inspire, Mavic and Phantom series drones. And while Financial District store (DJI SF Authorized Store) has a large range of product lines and services, West Field San Francisco Center (DJI SF Experience shop) has more convenient hours and accessibility.

Both locations have flight cage demonstration for the live experience, virtual reality experience, simulators and we offer introductory and advanced training.

The research and development projects, expertise in UAV total solutions and dedicated customer sales, service and support are overseen by our team leaders: President Yao Chen and vice president Marc Lu. They oversee that the successful tradition of continuous Product Development and devotion to Research and Training are successfully incorporated at our USA headquarters. Magic Sky Solutions: Oblique Photogrammetry System, Vastskies hybrid power system, Patrolfly (Traffic Accident Scene Investigation system), Magic Drone Mapping solutions exhibited for the 2017 Interdrone conference in Las Vegas.

And Magic Sky has helped many local government organizations and enterprise customers by providing customized industrial module kit solutions like Loudspeaker, Air sampling module, Waterproof kit, Illumination module kit, etc.

Magic SKY USA team principals also bring and make possible top-tier solutions to meet the high standard and regulatory requirements. Magic Service brings value to retail and industrial customers alike by providing extended labour plans, phone and online support, and one on one training to meet your needs. Whether you require introductory flight training, FAA Certified Pilots, aircraft setup, custom solutions or on-site technical support or professional development Magic Sky USA is your go-to source for Drone / UAV / Aerial Imaging needs.