Oblique photography technology breaks through the limitation of traditional aerial photogrammetry using single camera to obtain orthographic images from a vertical angle only. It carries several sensors on one flying platform, collects images from several angles and makes live 3D models. Currently, this technology has been widely applied into emergency command, homeland security, urban management, construction survey, preservation of cultural relics and other sectors.

Magic Sky independently developed the Long-hovering time UAV solution, Twin-lens oblique photography camera, Ground station software, Data check software and 3D modeling software, providing a complete set of solutions concerning the Drone mapping to the industry.


Magic Catcher, oblique photography camera system with two lenses, achieves the more efficient photographic effect by counter swinging the two HD cameras to obtain more aerial images of ground features from more angles. The built-in GPS module records the positioning information at the moment of camera exposure in real time, and provides image data for generating 3D models with high resolution, high precision and high efficiency. 



Magic Catcher Upgrade carries SONY RX100 HD camera, satisfying the practitioners’ demand for higher sharpness of images.

Comparison between Magic Catcher Standard and Upgrade


By converting fuel into electric power, Aries drives the UAV system electrically, which combines with DJI A3 flight control system perfectly. It offers up to 4 hours hovering time, which makes it easy to deal with large area flight mission and improve the work efficiency.

◆ DJI M600 PRO

DJI M600 Pro carries professional A3 Pro flight control system, equips with three sets of IMU and GNSS modules, achieves higher accuracy in data and safeguards stable and reliable flight performance and precise maneuver. With a load up to 6.0KG, it connects with Magic Catcher through a quick release design, which is convenient and rapid in detaching.


Magic Planner is an iPad APP which is able to realize autonomous route planning and flight. It perfectly adapts to various DJI UAVs and Aries. Taping on the screen, you can plan a complicated flight route easily to make the UAV realize automatic photography in flight and guarantee the flight safety, which fully meets the requirements of low-altitude aerial survey, electric check, PV plant survey and tour inspection achieved by UAV and improves the operation efficiency.

1.  It perfectly adapts to Magic Catcher oblique photography camera. Set flight area freely, optimize photo overlap rate in advance, get it take off with one tap, and obtain oblique photography image data easily and rapidly. 

2. It perfectly adapts to DJI PTZ camera and plans flight route intelligently according to the flight area and mission type set by the user. For oblique photogrammetry mission, it plans 5 routes automatically, adjusts camera angles, takes off with a tap, and easily obtains oblique photography data of small area.

3. Magic Planner can be connected with Aries and control its flight like taking off with a tap and using the ground station to monitor the running state of engine in real time. Meanwhile, it supports to set several alternate landing points in the aerial survey area to guarantee the flight safety. 

4.1  Polygonal Flight Route:  flight area can be set by user freely, it can be arbitrary polygon, meet the requirement of irregular area route.

4.2  Circle flight mode: It can meet customer’s demand for the modeling of single building in small scene.Select the building in the map. And then, set the distance between the main flight route and the building. Magic planner will set flight speed, photo interval parameter intelligently in accordance with the distance between flight route and building. UAV will start making circle and shoot around building and finally generate a three-dimensional model of the building. 

4.3 Intelligent Flight Route: User can set many flight destinations, flight routes by Magic Planner, in addition, some additional functions can be made for each flight destination like Multiple Navigation, Flight Mission Completion, Automatic Return, Hovering, and Automatic Landing.


Magic Check solves a common concern that data is not available for real-time check during flying. The Field Data Check technology can find out whether there are problems with photos and POS information at the site instead of during post-processing. Solve the problem in time and avoid repetitive task.


Image data captured by oblique photography needs post-processing so as to obtain accurate 3D modeling. Regarding this, Magic Sky provides several software options.

Context Capture

Bentley Context Capture Auto Realistic Scene Modeling System (previous known as Smart 3D Realistic Scene Modeling System) is an auto HD 3D modeling system, which features world’s advanced technologies in digital image processing, computational VR and computational geometric algorithm. It stands for world’s highest level of 3D modeling software in terms of accessibility, data capability, calculation performance, user-friendly interface and hardware compatibility.


Pix4Dmapper is an UAV data and aerial image processing software, featuring automation, speed and accuracy. It can turn thousands of photos into accurate 2D mapping and 3D modeling without the help of professional skills and manual operation.

Magic 3D

Magic 3D, a 3D modeling engine developed independently by Magic Sky, is designed for small-scale 3D scene modeling. It can automatically turn images captured by handheld cameras and UAV into accurate HD 3D modeling without the help of photo control point and manual operation. Magic 3D provides an easy and cost-effective solution for customers. Also, customization is available.