Magic Sky Credit Policy

Magic Sky USA Credit Policy

Members can use Magic Sky Credit to buy any products listed on in our reward program, you will get 4% rebate.

1. Register -- Join our reward program and get 900 Beans
2. Rule -- 100 beans = $1
3. Loyalty -- Spend one dollar (USD) in our store and get 4 Beans

How to use it

Add the products to your shopping cart and redeem the points credit point
Page will be transferred to Checkout page and discount will be applied
Please note that the credit policy is only applied to online sales.


Please note:

Magic Sky USA beans cannot be used to pay shipping cost.

Magic Sky USA beans are for promotional purposes, has no cash value, and is non-transferable.

Magic Sky USA beans cannot be used together with any coupons.

If an order is placed using beans and is then cancelled, the beans will only be refunded to you once the entire order cancellation process is completed.